Chilean senator says Peru’s Garcia will not touch maritime issue

00Chile's Ricardo Nuñez
Nuñez: Peruvian President Alan Garcia secretly met with Chilean President Bachelet last January.
(LIP-jl) — According to Chilean Senator Ricardo Nuñez, Peruvian President Alan Garcia assured Chilean President Michele Bachelet that he would not make the maritime limit dispute between Chile and Peru a priority during his presidential term.

According to a report from Chile’s La Segunda newspaper, Nuñez, who has had a personal relationship with Garcia for more than two decades, secretly met with President Bachelet last January.

Nuñez, who was the president of Bachelet’s socialist political party on numerous occasions, stated that he believes recent efforts by Peru’s opposition to make the issue a priority will do little to sway Garcia from his stance on the ocean limit issue.

Chile’s Bachelet sent Nuñez as her personal representative to evaluate Peru’s reaction to Chile’s recent approval of a law that established the region of Arica as it’s official border zone, leading many to believe that a maritime ruling will soon follow.

"The President wanted me to analyze, firsthand, the repercussions of the recent approval," commented Nuñez.

Despite being approved by the Chilean Congress, the Chilean Constitutional Tribunal questioned the legality of the law, claiming that an internal law does not have the authority to set international borders.

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