Peru: Restaurant and ‘Chifa’ inspections in Lima surprise authorities

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Chifa Yin Hing was among the health code violators cited during yesterday’s surprise inspections.

(LIP-jl) — As part of the district of Jesus Maria’s "The law will be followed by everyone" Campaign, health inspectors, Peruvian National Police officers, and authorities from Peru’s Public Ministry conducted surprise inspections on dozens of restaurants and ‘chifas’ (restaurants that serve Chinese food with Peruvian influences) yesterday.

The surprise operation, which took place on a 3-block stretch of General Garzon Avenue (blocks 13-15), found health code violations that are sure to leave many without much of a craving for chifa anytime soon.

Authorities found burned frying oil, wood cutting boards infested with mold, uncovered vegetables and other food items on the floor next to garbage cans, as well as chicken and beef wrapped in newspaper in the refrigerator.

Authorities took samples of frying oil, mayonnaise, and chili sauce for further analysis at the Municipality of Lima’s laboratory.

Among the establishments cited were Tradicion Arequipa (General Garzon Ave. 1324), Chifa Hermanos (General Garzon Ave. 1415), and Chifa Yin Hing (General Garzon Ave. 1320) for operating without proper permits and licenses, such as health permits, business licenses, and building code permits.

Jesus Maria’s mayor, Enrique Ocrospoma, announced that these surprise operations will continue to target the district’s restaurants and chifas until the district is able to control its large informal food service industry.

"For now, we will only cite these places and require them to get their acts together before they begin serving our residents again. Let all others be warned, the law will be followed in our district," manifested Ocrospoma.