Relationship between Peru and Venezuela is prospering

00Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
According to the future Peruvian Ambassador to Venezuela, everything is just fine between Chavez and Garcia.
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(LIP-jl) — The future Peruvian Ambassador to Venezuela, Luis Santamaria, affirmed that the diplomatic relationship between Peru and Venezuela has been prospering nicely due to the mutual respect conveyed by authorities from both countries.

Santamaria stated,"If we continue to respect Venezuela and avoid meddling into their internal affairs, then they will reciprocate that ideology and not meddle into our affairs."

Santamaria will officially begin his term as Peru’s highest diplomatic figure in Venezuela on March 1.

"We will be respectful regarding the Venezuelan government’s political convictions and objectives in their country, and I truly believe they will behave in the same manner towards us," declared the future Peruvian Ambassador.

Santamaria also indicated that the past incidents between Peruvian President Alan Garcia and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have long been forgiven.

"The reestablishment of diplomatic relations at the ambassador level is proof that everything has been forgiven," sustained Santamaria.

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