Chile: Fate of Peru’s Fujimori could be decided by May

Alberto Fujimori could be on a plane to Peru or elsewhere as early as May.

(LIP-jl) — Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s legal team presented its closing arguments and evidence to Chilean Supreme Court authorities minutes before last night’s deadline came to a close.

Chile’s Supreme Court is currently reviewing Peru’s request to extradite the former leader on grounds of human rights violations and corruptions charges he faces in Peru.

Carlos Meneses, Chilean Supreme Court Secretary, announced that Fujimori’s legal team submitted their closing arguments and evidence against Peru’s charges near Wednesday’s midnight deadline.

Peruvian authorities submitted their final arguments and evidence to Chile’s Supreme Court earlier this month and it is now up to Chilean authorities to review the legality of both arguments before they submit it to Chilean Supreme Court Justice Orlando Álvarez, which should be no later than 20 days.

Judge Alvarez’s verdict is expected to be announced sometime in May, but the losing side is likely to appeal the verdict which could drag the case on for months more.

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