Claro winning publicity war in Lima, Peru

Claro is winning the publicity war against Spanish giant, Telefonica.

(LivinginPeru News) — A recent survey released by the Public Opinion Group from the University of Lima found that most Limean residents believe that the cellular phone company Claro, from America Movil, is winning the publicity war against the much bigger Telefonica.

According to the figures based on participants in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area, 60% of the participants stated that Claro was winning the marketing war against Telefonica, meaning that the presence of Peruvian music singer Gian Marco is have a much more positive effect on the public than Telefonica’s crew of surfing sensation Sofia Mulanovich, and rally race car driver Ramon Ferreiros.

"The results are most likely due to emotional reasons rather than analytical ones. This goes along the lines of David vs. Goliath. Most people want to root for the underdog," indicated Gustavo Rodriguez, a Peruvian publicist.

Others stated that Telefonica’s notoriously bad reputation for mediocre telephone and customer services benefits any company who chooses to compete against the Spanish telecommunications giant.

"Telefonica drags its less than positive image around and it is only logical that competitors will take advantage of it," state Carlos Huaman, a telecommunications expert from DN Consultants in Lima, Peru.