Lima, Peru: Survey finds 40% still believe in virgin brides

Survey reveals 40% believe women should abstain from sex until they are married.

(LivinginPeru News) — A recent survey released by the Public Opinion Group from the University of Lima found that 4 out of 10 people still believe women should abstain from having sexual intercourse until they are married, while 55.1% of those surveyed disagree with the outdated notion.

The survey, which was conducted in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area, also revealed that when it comes to males, 64.3% believed that men should have some form of sexual experience before they are wed, while 31.4% say they should wait until their wedding day.

Despite these findings, the survey also informed that nearly 60% of those surveyed believe Peruvian society has been much more open minded about sex in general during the past few years, while 38.5% believe it has not.

When asked about adultery, 53.8% stated they would not forgive a cheating partner, 33.7% commented they would forgive their partner, while 12.5% did not give an answer.

The topic of abortion was also mentioned in the survey and an overwhelming majority (83.6%) stated they were strongly against the practice.

When asked if women who have abortions should be punished by imprisonment, 62.4% stated they were in favor of this penalty.

However, participants of the survey only approved of abortion in the following circumstances: when a women becomes pregnant as a result of rape (51.5%), to avoid the birth of a severely malformed child (57.4%), or when a pregnancy endangers a mother’s life (69.9%).