Lima, Peru: Robbery against foreign tourists down

http://filer.livinginperu.com/news/img/lima_plaza_de_armas.jpg400260Lima's Plaza de Armas (Main Square)
Robberies on tourists have decreased in Lima. Above, Lima’s Plaza de Armas.

(LivinginPeru News) — The Peruvian National Police’s Tourism and Ecology Department has informed that the number of robberies committed on foreign tourists in the Peruvian capital city of Lima has dropped 24% during the first two months of 2007.

According to authorities, just 72 crimes were reported during January and February of 2007, compared to 95 during the same period of 2006.

Helder Soto, Chief of the Tourism and Ecology Unit from the Peruvian National Police, stated that the areas of downtown Lima, Barranco, Miraflores, and San Isidro were the most criminally active areas due to the large amounts of tourists that regularly visit these districts.

Soto commented that the reduction in crime is attributed to increased vehicle and foot patrols in key areas as well as stepped up intelligence efforts.

Peru is in the process of trying to attract more international tourists by stepping up efforts to make visitors to the Andean nation feel safe and secure.

Just last week, the Peruvian Congress signed a new law which mandates stiffer penalties, including life in prison, to those who commit robbery, assault, or murder on tourists, both Peruvian and foreign.

Tourists who are victims of a robbery are urged to call the Tourism Police Unit (Police de Turismo) at 466-1060.

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