Shelving of Peru-Chile War documentary puts Chilean Chancellor in hot water

Peru’s Belaunde (left) and Chile’s Foxely (right).
© La Republica

(LIP-jl) (Peru 21) — Quite a controversy has been developing in Chile after that country’s Chancellor pulled the airing of a documentary depicting the War of the Pacific (1879-1884), from Chilean television.

Chilean Chancellor Alejandro Foxely acknowledged that he asked officials from Chile’s state-run television channel, Television Nacional de Chile (TVN), to pull the airing of the historic conflict between Chilean forces and a united coalition of Peruvian and Bolivian forces, as a symbolic gesture to improve future relations with Peru.

"We simply explained to the TVN president that Chile and Peru are at a crossroads in their relationship. I felt it was necessary that they (Peru) witness a sign of good faith from our side," explained Foxely.

However, Chile’s press and political sector has interpreted the incident as a form of censorship of expression and as lobbying between Foxely and his Peruvian counterpart, Chancellor Jose Antonio Belaunde.

Belaunde welcomed the decision to pull the documentary of the war, which resulted in significant territorial losses for Peru and Bolivia.

"It wasn’t the appropriate moment to air the documentary and pulling it was the correct thing to do," commented Belaunde.

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