Lima, Peru: Nude woman protests Chile’s stance on border dispute

Taking a stand against Chile.
© Paul Vallejos

(LIP-jl) (Peru 21) — Just after noon today, a 25 year-old woman covered in body paint dipped herself into the main fountain located in Lima’s Plaza de Armas (Main square) to protest Chile’s stance on the ongoing border dispute with Peru.

"I am protesting the Chilean government’s ambition to gain control of Peruvian territory," said the woman who called herself Reina Lo.

The slender woman, who was tactfully covered in red, white, and blue body paint depicting the Chilean flag, was photographed and filmed by members of the press for approximately 15 minutes, before authorities broke up the protest.

The incident turned out to be a staged political/publicity stunt sponsored by a Peruvian magazine.

Members of the press capture the protester’s every move.
© Peru 21

Police authorities pushed their way through a large crowd of onlookers to escort the nude model to a nearby police station.

As the model was leaving the area, police officers got into a physical altercation with representatives from the magazine that coordinated the stunt, who protested the arrest of the young model.

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