Shelved Chile-Peru War Documentary continues to be a hot topic in Chile

Chilean Cultural Minister Paulina Urrutia

(LIP-jl) (CPN) — Controversy created by the canceled airing of a documentary depicting the War of the Pacific between Chile and a united force of Peru and Bolivia is continuing to be a hot topic in Chilean politics.

Opposition politicians and members of the press criticized Chilean Chancellor Alejandro Foxely’s move to convince Chile’s state-run television network Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) to pull the airing of the documentary.

According to Foxely, he believed that pulling the documentary from airing on Chilean television would help relations with it’s neighbor to the north, Peru, which has recently considered taking Chile to an international court to settle an ongoing maritime border dispute.

However, for the first time since the incident occurred earlier this week, a member of Chilean President Michele Bachelet’s government, Paulina Urrutia, Chile’s Cultural Minister, openly criticized the move by TVN directors.

According to a report from the Chilean press, Urrutia commented that the decision ultimately made by TVN was a major step back for Chile.

"Obviously, I would like to see a TVN director come out and take responsibility for the decision," manifested Urrutia.

The Cultural Minister affirmed that the documentary is a review of factual history, made to help celebrate Chile’s upcoming bicentennial, and its airing on Chilean television is something that Chile needs.

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