Lima, Peru: Dispute between construction workers ends in death

1 construction worker died when shots were fired during a violent dispute in Callao.

(LIP-jl) (El Comercio) — A violent confrontation between construction workers claimed the life of a 37-year old male and injured 3 others today when shots rang out at a construction site in a shantytown located in the port city of Callao.

According to Peruvian media reports, Ruperto Rodriguez Gonzales was shot to death after unemployed construction workers began to fight over limited temporary positions offered at a construction site in the shantytown of Sarita Colonia.

Rodriguez was quickly evacuated from the area and taken to nearby Daniel Alcides Carrion Hospital. However, attempts by paramedics to maintain Rodriguez alive failed as the victim was pronounced dead on arrival by hospital officials.

Three other men were also shot in the confrontation, however they are now listed in stable condition and doctors have declared their wounds non-life threatening.

Pablo Preciado Enciso and Jorge Izquierdo Enciso were arrested for allegedly shooting the four men during the confrontation.