Peru: Morning News Roundup – Friday, Mar. 16

Morning News RoundupAirline offers special flight deal to Arequipa

(LIP-jl) — The airline Star Peru has announced the beginning of its ‘Six-Pack’ flight deal to Peru’s largest southern city, Arequipa. According to a press release from Star Peru, you can purchase a card that entitles you to six flights from Lima-Arequipa at special discounted rates. Flights can be taken without restrictions during 2007, making it a practical choice for those who frequently fly to Arequipa. The deal ends April 30. For more information visit Star Peru’s website (link).

Protesters cause traffic gridlock in downtown Lima

(LIP-jl) (El Comercio) — Hundreds of men and women protesting issues associated with the Banco de Materials (Bank of Materials) caused extreme delays and traffic gridlock for thousands of motorists in downtown Lima yesterday. The usually congested Abancay Avenue saw extreme conditions of bumper to bumper traffic and was paralyzed for more than an hour as protesters slowly marched their way to the Peruvian parliamentary building.

Record high ends 2-day skid for Lima’s stock exchange

(LIP-jl) (El Comercio) — Lima’s stock exchange (Bolsa de Valores – BVL) ended its two day losing streak yesterday by reaching a new record high. The BVL closed Thursday’s trading session at 15,901.64 points, an increase of 1.24% from the previous day. According to market experts, the record high was attributed to the favorable basic metal prices in the global marketplace. Some of yesterday’s mining winners included Peru Copper Corporation at US$4.00 per share (+2.56%), Cerro Verde at US$17.95 per share (+4.3%), and Volcan which closed at S/9 per share (+4.53).

2 out of 4 Peruvian women suffer from varicose veins

(LIP-jl) (Peru 21)– Varicose vein expert, Dr. Jaime Ames Silicani informed that approximately 50% of Peruvian women have varicose veins due to genetic, hormonal, or lifestyle reasons. Although men can also suffer from the formation of varicose veins, women are the most likely to develop the condition. According to Dr. Ames, in the most severe cases, varicose veins can develop into lesions and ulcers which can limit mobility.

Lima’s unemployment rate surpasses 9%

(LIP-jl) (El Comercio) — According to Peru’s National Institute of Statistics, Lima’s unemployment rate reached 9.5% during the three month period of December 2006 – February 2007. The rate represents an increase from the same period a year ago, which was at 9%. The rate was higher than estimates calculated by Peruvian and foreign economical experts, who predicted the unemployment rate to hover between 8 – 8.4%.