Peru: Natural gas buses to enter Lima’s public transportation system

00Natural gas buses
Above: Natural gas buses are currently being evaluated by municipal authorities from Lima and Callao.
© Municipality of Lima

(LIP-jl) (El Comercio Peru) — New passenger buses that run on natural gas will be tested on Lima’s busy and congested streets with the hope of successfully passing all of the required elements that are needed to officially circulate in the Peruvian capital.

Authorities from the municipalities of Lima and Callao are confident that this alternative can prove to be beneficial to government authorities, transportation companies, passengers, and above all else, the environment.

Jorge Serna, director of Peru Cetu S.A., has been satisfied with results of the trial runs because the buses are meeting the main objectives needed to improve Lima’s chaotic public transportation system.

According to Serna, if the natural gas bus project is approved and implemented onto Limean streets, congestion will reduce greatly since one natural gas bus will replace 4 vans used as buses (combis), one mini-bus, and a traditional full sized bus.

In addition to less buses on the road, Serna stated the buses will offer passengers more comfort and security since the buses will only accept bus passes and will have internal security cameras.