Peru: Authorities seize 15 kilos of cocaine at Lima airport

Some of the drugs found in Alejandro Maupa’s suitcase.
© La Republica

(LIP-jl) — People continue to risk their freedom to smuggle drugs out of Peru in exchange for a few thousand dollars. This time, authorities from Peru’s Anti-Drug force seized 15.892 kilograms of cocaine from two drug mules at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport today.

Peruvian citizen Alejandro Mayupa, who was on his way to Sao Paulo, Brazil, was stopped by authorities after x-ray machines picked up a strange assortment of packages inside of his suitcase. Upon closer inspection, Peruvian Customs agents discovered 11.930 kilograms of cocaine hidden under packages of dehydrated food snacks.

In a separate incident, Argentinian citizen Natalia Medina was detained at the Iberia Airlines counter after drug-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to her luggage. When officers opened her suitcase, they found 3.962 kilograms of pure cocaine wrapped in aluminum foil paper and packed inside of plastic containers.

Both Mayupa and Median face the possibility of spending years of their lives in a Peruvian prison. Now, is that worth a few thousand dollars?