Lima, Peru: Transportation workers suspend strike

Buses will be back out in full force today as transportation workers called off their strike.
© Municipality of Lima

(LIP-jl) — Representatives from Peru’s Urban Transportation Union called off their 48 hour strike Monday night after the President of the Transportation Commission agreed to arrange a meeting between union representatives and government authorities.

The commission’s president, Alvaro Gutierrez, promised union authorities that he would personally help arrange a meeting with Lima Mayor Luis Castañeda and officials from Peru’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

In exchange, transportation workers agreed to call off their 48 hour strike after only one day of official protesting around the Peruvian capital.

However, some believe the strike was suspended prematurely due to the poor participation of public transportation workers. Traffic appeared to be in its normal chaotic state throughout much of Lima and Callao.

Elmer Mercado, Secretary General of the Urban Transportation Union, told Peru’s RPP Radio that he did not feel ‘defeated’ by the partial participation of union members. Instead, he thanked those who participated in the ‘peaceful demonstration of strength.’

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