Peru: Endangered species slaughtered in port city of Chancay

Photograph that helped capture the heartless criminals who slaughtered this defenseless leatherback turtle.

(LIP-jl) – The slaughtering of marine wildlife found on the endangered species list continues to take place in Peru without much preventative efforts demonstrated on the part of Peruvian authorities.

However just weeks ago, the killing of a leatherback turtle led to the arrest of 4 subjects involved in the trade of its meat.

The slaughter of a leatherback turtle, one of the seven rarest animals in the world, was caught by a photographer in the port city of Chancay.

The turtle was beating endlessly with a bat by a local fisherman who has only been identified as “Mauro.” The female turtle, which weighed approximately 100 kilograms (220 lbs.) was then stripped of its meat and taken to a local market to be sold.

Authorities find this to be an ironic trade since the flesh of the turtle is considered to be toxic to humans.

“What is important here is that people involved in the slaughter, and trade of its meat were all caught by Peruvian Ecology Police with the support of local police authorities from Chancay. They will now be placed under the custody of the Public Ministry where they will face charges of crimes against nature, and the capture and killing of an endangered species,” expressed Alessandra Romano Cuadra, Vice-President of the wildlife protective organization ORCA (Scientific Organization for the Conservation of Mammals and Marine wildlife).

The detained suspects could face up to 10 years in jail since the leatherback turtle is protected under the Peruvian Supreme Decree 013-99-AG which establishes the turtle as an endangered species.