Lima, Peru: Want to get rid of prostitution? Add more light.

Plaza Manco Capac in La Victoria after dark.

(LIP-jl) — The Limean district of La Victoria is notorious for being one of Lima’s most dangerous areas. Gangs, drugs, and prostitution are visible throughout most hours of the day, and naturally, more so at night.

One of the largest gathering areas for prostitutes is Manco Capac Plaza, located just opposite La Victoria’s municipal headquarters.

At dusk, the area’s prostitutes come out and wait for potential customers while hiding in dark corners of the plaza.

La Victoria Mayor Alberto Sanchez Aizcorbe decided enough was enough and thought about a low cost method on how to rid the plaza of prostitutes, who also attract crime, and drug use in the area. His answer: More light.

In association with the electric company Luz Del Sur, Sanchez installed high power lights that illuminate the entire plaza, eliminating the ‘dark’ corners that served as work stations for area prostitutes.

"Manco Capac Plaza, being the emblem of La Victoria, will only get better. We are now recovering dry landscaped areas and converting them into lush green gardens. We are planting trees, and the plaza is under 24 hour security watch by municipal security forces," sustained the proud mayor to Peru’s RPP Radio.

Sanchez also indicated that the successful recovery efforts at Manco Capac Plaza will be implemented in other parks throughout the district.