Peru loses 30 hectares of jungle every hour

Slash and burn cultivation in the Amazon.

(LIP-jl) — The Amazon jungle, also dubbed the ‘lungs of the earth’ is in serious danger. Peru’s Ecological Forum announced that Peru’s section of the valuable Amazon jungle is depleting at a rate of 30 hectares (74 acres) per hour, in other words 720 hectares (1,779 acres) a day!

According to the forum’s president, Sandro Chavez, the majority of deforestation is attributed to indiscriminate depredation, informal logging, and especially illicit coca plant cultivation.

Chavez made these comments to help create public awareness of the importance of conserving Peru’s Amazon jungle.

He called on government authorities to take immediate action against those who violate Peru’s jungle resources. According the forum, the annual total of destroyed habit reaches 260,000 hectares (642,474 acres)!

According to a report in Peru’s El Comercio newspaper, coca plant growers who implement slash and burn techniques destroy 81% of jungle territory to grow their crops, most of which are sold to drug lords.

Additionally, Chavez indicated that illegal logging also has taken its toll on Peru’s jungle, as 2,378,824 feet of illegal wood is extracted every year.

He requested the initiation of frontal efforts designed to combat illegal coca plant cultivation and illegal logging as they are the Peruvian Amazon’s most dangerous predators.