Peru: South African drug trafficker confesses to killing of Spanish volunteer

South African citizen Fourie Stethanus Pertris was arrested in Callao.
© La Republica

(LIP-jl) — South African citizen Fourie Stethanus Pertris was arrested yesterday in Callao for the March 4th murder of a Spanish volunteer after confessing to investigating authorities.

Stethanus, who was arrested last year on drug trafficking charges, was transferred from Callao’s Sarita Colonia Prison to the San Camilo AIDS shelter in Chosica, by official request of Peru’s judiciary.

According to Peru’s La Republica newspaper, this is how Stethanus first came into contact with the murder victim, Marco Luca Cesari (67).

Stethanus told law enforcement authorities that he stabbed Cesary twice because Cesari accused him of stealing S/100 (US$30) from his room at the shelter.

The confessed murderer admitted that he became distraught and overtaken by anger due to Cesari’s accusation.

After Sterhanus committed the crime, he attempted to hide his involvement by burying Cesari’s body in a field near the shelter. The Spaniard’s body was discovered two days later after volunteers at the shelter complained of a strong odor.