Peru’s energy sector represents solid investment opportunities


(LIP-jl) — While most would consider Peru’s most attractive investment opportunities to lie in its flourishing mining industry, Pablo Breard, the Vice President of International Research for the Canadian banking firm Scotiabank, suggests that its energy sector represents solid investment options.

"Since Peru is defining itself as a net energy exporter, this represents great opportunities to foreign investors who normally operate in this sector," affirmed Breard.

The international economic expert also emphasized that Peru is currently going through structural changes in energy development that will are designed to grow with an important flow of investments.

"I would recommend to any investor to look into Peru’s energy sector," commented the bank economist.

He compared Peru’s potential in the energy sector to Panama’s real estate market and the Bahamas’s tourism industry, qualifying it as "extremely attractive" to investors.

While he acknowledged that a number of challenges exist in the development of the industry, he also manifested that changes are being made that will improve Peru’s economic and social development.