Lima, Peru: Survey finds most believe violence has increased in Peru

(LIP-jl) — A new survey conducted by the University of Lima’s Public Opinion Group found that 74.9% of residents from the Lima-Callao metropolitan area believe that violent crime has increased during the past years.

58.1% of those who responded consider Peruvian society to be violent in nature, while 26.5% believe that it is extremely violent.

The survey also revealed that an astounding 86.3% are convinced that the media is to blame for the increase in violence throughout the country. Among the mediums that are blamed for the increase are: television (58.2%), the internet (21.3%), and newspapers (13.7%).

In reference to television programming, 38.3% believe talk shows are the main culprit, while news programs (30.6%), movies (20.6%), comedies (4.1%), and soap operas (3%) round out the list.

The survey also touched on violence in Peru’s most important sporting competition. 47.2% of the poll’s participants feel that Peru’s professional soccer league is violent and 36.7% consider it to be very violent.

The state of mind of those who responded to the survey is clear as 94.% stated they are very worried about the subject.