Lima, Peru: 70% of Pedestrian-vehicle accidents caused by pedestrians

Would you attempt to cross this freeway?

(LIP-jl) — Lima’s streets and highways are a form of ‘no man’s land’ for pedestrians who attempt to cross streets saturated by imprudent drivers. The lack of crosswalks, street crossing signals, and warmheartedness on the part of drivers, makes crossing Limean streets similar to the 80’s video game Frogger.

Despite all of these factors, pedestrians are still to blame for many accidents.

According to the Vehicle Accident Investigations Unit of Peru’s Transit Police, 70% of vehicle-pedestrian accidents are caused by pedestrians themselves.

Just yesterday, 18 year old Rocio Vargas Daza was struck by a car driven by local soccer player Eric Delgado, as she attempted to cross the Evitamiento freeway in Santa Anita. Vargas’s untimely death was not caused by an unscrupulous drunk driver (Delgado was cleared of any wrong doing), but rather by her own carelessness.

Police authorities determined Vargas was at fault since she opted to cross the high-speed freeway at ground level, rather than using a pedestrian bridge located just a few feet away.

According to police transit authorities, this type of accident occurs frequently on Limean roads.

Based on 2006 police transit statistics, 800 people were struck and killed when they attempted to cross Peru’s high-speed freeways, informed.

Despite clearly marked signs and warnings, pedestrians still chose to risk there lives by ignoring traffic norms and regulations.

Transit Police Commander Franklin Barreto commented that while Limean motorists are appropriately labeled as ruthless and careless, it is the common pedestrian who should also heed traffic regulations and respect oncoming traffic.