Lima, Peru: Authorities seize 100 kilos of donkey & horse meat

What’s in your sausage?

(LIP-jl) — How many times have you really thought about what goes into ground beef? Maybe a ground bone, ligaments, a little cartilage here and there? Well for some who purchased ground beef in markets located throughout Callao, you just might have had some donkey and horse meat thrown in as well.

Yesterday, authorities from the Municipality of Callao’s Health Department took part in a wide scale operation that targeted unscrupulous butchers who sold horse and donkey meat under the guise of traditional beef.

The majority of the seized meat products were found in decomposing states. The spoiled meat products were treated with a special solution created and applied by butchers and vendors to alter the product’s color and texture, thus appearing ‘fresh’ to the unsuspecting eye.

The majority of the confiscated donkey and horse meat products were being sold as processed meats, such as sausages and hot dogs, and ground beef.

Two butcher shops located at the addresses of 629 and 632 Jiron Colon del Cercado de Callao, were closed after loads of sausages and other processed meats were found to contain horse and donkey meat.

However, in the most severe case, two horse heads were found in the warehouse of Callao’s Central Market, providing more than enough evidence as to the origins of the ‘beef’ that was sold by the owner of the stand.

Frank Zorrila, chief of Callao’s Health Department, commented that the consumption of the seized meat could cause a number of health problems, such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, infections, and in the most severe of cases, even death.