Peru’s Garcia visits Colombia, calls for alliance

Presidents Alan Garcia (middle-left) and Alvaro Uribe (middle-right).
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — Peruvian President Alan Garcia made an official visit to Colombia yesterday, where he affirmed there should be ‘firm and deep’ economic and social alliances between the two South American nations.

After receiving a special decoration from Colombia’s parliament, Garcia indicated such an integrated relationship would spawn positive and solid results which would help impulse investments in the two countries.

"I firmly and deeply believe Peru should ally itself with Colombia. I’m convinced that as Colombia grows, the better it will be for Peru and, and as Peru continues to grow -which it is expected to do- the better it will be for Colombia and its people," manifested Garcia.

Additionally, the Peruvian leader stated he was a witness of the Colombia’s generosity and productive capacity.

"This is why the decoration that has been given to me today has such special meaning to me," Garcia stated convincingly.

Afterwards, the Peruvian head of state met with his Colombia counterpart, Alvaro Uribe. During their meeting, the two leaders discussed common issues such as their growing economies, social development, and the war on drugs.

"We need to search for a union between our people, which represents more than 70 million combined, our economies, which account for more than US$240 billion worth of productive capacity, which will allow us to find our place in the world together," sustained Garcia.