Peru: Airfares to increase 30% during upcoming holiday season

(LIP-jl) — Price gouging during peak holiday seasons has become somewhat of an unpleasant norm in Peru’s travel and transportation industries. Everything from Bus tickets to taxi fares can increase by as much as 200% due to the increased demand of holiday travelers.

Now, you can add Peru’s airline industry to the list of services that will dramatically increase during the upcoming Holy Week holiday period.

Monica Camacho, sales manager from Peru’s Aerocondor Airlines, indicated that airfares for domestic flights are expected to increase by a minimum of 30% during next week’s holiday period, April 4-8.

Camacho recommends making your reservations now to avoid any delays that are often caused by the increased number of travelers.

A number of airlines, including Aerocondor, will increase the number of flights to key cities throughout Peru to help alleviate delays.

"During this period, air travel is usually congested. So to meet the rising demand of our customers, Aerocondor has scheduled additional flights to popular Holy Week destinations such as Cuzco, Piura, Tumbes, and Iquitos," manifested Camacho.