Amcham Peru joins free trade crusade

The Amcham sponsored delegation will lobby U.S. Congress to pass the free trade agreement between Peru and the U.S. Above: Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — The American Chamber of Commerce in Peru (Amcham Peru) informed yesterday that it will send a special envoy which will travel to the United States to impel the ratification of the free trade agreement between the U.S. and Peru.

The executive director of Amcham Peru, Aldo Defilippi, indicated that this will be the 15th time that Amcham will organize a visit to the U.S. Congress with the purpose of explaining the benefits that are vital to the success of Peru’s growing economy.

“The envoy will be integrated by representatives of companies from the United States that operate in Peru.  They will visit American congressmen who represent the areas where these companies are based,” indicated Defilippi.

He also mentioned the delegation will travel to the U.S. sometime during the second half of April despite the fact that the companies that will participate in the mission have yet to be chosen.

Additionally, the Amcham representative commented that as soon as the amendment process is finished, the Peruvian government should intensify its lobbying efforts to increase the likelihood of the FTA’s ratification.

“Beginning April 15, the Peruvian government will have to step up its lobbying efforts,” expressed Delfilppi.

According to Amcham, complying with the changes to labor and environmental issues that are sure to be required by U.S. Democrats should not be extremely difficult for the Peruvian government to adhere to.

“I do not believe that there are aspects to these issues in which we have significant discrepancies with the American congressmen”, emphasized Defilippi.

Finally, he expressed his confidence in that the FTA with Peru will be ratified in the United States before June 30th, since there is still enough time to follow through with the necessary procedures needed to close the deal.