Lima, Peru: Police find 3 abandoned children, 1 with Down Syndrome

One of the babies found by Peruvian police.
© La Republica

(LIP-jl) — In three very disturbing incidents that occurred yesterday, Peruvian police authorities found three children who were reportedly abandoned by their mothers in the Peruvian capital.

2 newborn babies and an 8 year child with Down Syndrome were taken to the Peruvian National Police’s Women’s Center, located in the Limean district of Canto Rey, where they were evaluated by medical officials.

One of the newborn babies, found in the area of Jose Carlos Mariategui, was identified as being the son of 20 year-old Lizet Toledo, who according to police authorities, is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders caused by the rape that produced the birth of her young child.

Health authorities have committed themselves to helping the young mother get over her troubling experience.

However, no information is known regarding the two other children who are currently under the care of police authorities.

Both the 8 year-old boy and the other newborn baby were found in the neighborhood of Maria Auxiliadora, in Canto Rey.

Child abandonment in Lima is a disturbing occurrence that is increasing throughout the Andean nation. According to authorities, 56 newborn babies have been abandoned this year.