Peru: Lima’s Mayor to be audited for budget irregularities

Lima Mayor Luis "Lucho" Castañeda
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — A Peruvian congressional committee has informed that it will request detailed information regarding diverse projects that have been built and implemented under current Lima Mayor Luis Castañeda.

Peru’s Fiscal Congressional Commission will emit 11 formal requests that call for the detailed financial explanations of several projects coordinated and constructed under Castañeda’s administration which began in 2003.

Some of the major projects that will be audited include: The Via Expresa Grau, the Viaducto Manco Capac, and the Parque de la Reserva remodeling project.

According to the commission, the total price of the projects will be evaluated as accusations have recently surfaced suggesting the projects were overpriced.

"We will investigate several irregularities that have been brought to our attention. We invite Mayor Castañeda to give us his side of the story. After the audit, we will then decide whether or not to pursue a formal investigation," stated Edgar Reymundo, President of the commission.

The charismatic mayor is well liked among the Limean public and boasts an uncommonly high approval rating when compared to the majority of Peru’s political figures.