Chile warns Peru’s opposition protesters of land mines in protest area

Peruvian opposition leader Ollanta Humala will take part in Peruvian protests at the Peru-Chile border tomorrow morning.
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — In the wake of the decision made by Peru’s opposition party to stage a protest in the area involved in the ongoing border dispute between Chile and Peru, Chilean governmental authorities have warned protesters that the area ‘may be’ infested with land mines.

"We would like to inform that due to the typical winter conditions in the area, some land mines may still exist despite our recovery efforts. Heavy rainfall in the area could have covered some of these weapons and that is why we implore you (protesters) not to cross the area," reported Belisario Velasco, Chile’s Interior Minister.

According to Andina News Agency, the Chilean government placed thousands of mines during the 70’s to prevent a possible invasion from the Peruvian military.

Peruvian Nationalist Party leader Ollanta Humala and a group of his followers will travel to the area tomorrow morning to participate in what he called "the affirmation of national sovereignty."

The manifestation is designed to draw more attention to the subject and, according to the organizers, "reiterate Peru’s right to its territory."

The Chilean Interior Minister also warned protesters who cross the border onto Chilean territory will be detained, processed, and deported according to current Chilean laws.

Velasco also refuted allegations that Chilean border agents were given orders to "shoot those who illegally cross into Chile."