Peru: Prisoners treated better than police

Peru’s Interior Minister Luis Alva (right) announced that he will call on Peru’s private industry to help increase funding in his department.
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(LIP-jl) — Peru’s Interior Minister fired off harsh criticisms regarding the current financial situation of the department he runs.

Interior Minister Luis Alva highlighted his complaints by indicating that prisoners locked up in Peru’s penitentiary system are treated better than the police officers who face the dangers and rigors of combating crime on Peruvian streets.

"It is an absolute shame that a criminal imprisoned in our jail system receives a daily food allowance of S/3.10 (a little less than a US$1) while our police officers who are out on the streets, only receive S/2.80 (US$0.87) for their daily rations," declared Alva who blamed the situation on the limited budget that his department was granted.

To help improve the economic conditions for Peruvian law enforcement authorities, Alva affirmed that he will solicit greater funding from the Peruvian government.

The Interior Minister also stated he will call on the private sector to help him correct the dreadful situation that many of Peru’s finest are living.