Court bars Peru’s Humala from protesting on Chilean border

They will be no manifestation party for Humala as a court has barred the opposition leader from leaving Limean city limits.
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(LIP-jl) — Just as Peru’s top opposition figure Ollanta Humala was packing his suitcases and running down his ‘protest’ checklist one last time, a Peruvian court denied the former presidential candidate permission to leave the city limits of Lima.

The Peruvian Nationalist Party, with Humala at its head, organized a protest rally at the Peru-Chile border to voice their position and discontent with the ongoing border issues between the neighboring nations.

However, due to two cases currently in process against the former military captain (Madre Mia human rights violations and the Andahuaylas police station take over), the 38th Judicial Court has denied Humala’s request to leave Lima for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Peruvian Nationalist Party officials immediately expressed their disagreement with the ruling and also informed that the 4th Judicial Court (which is also processing the Andahuaylas case) had given Humala permission to take part in Wednesday’s protests.

"It is extremely important to highlight that the President of the Peruvian Nationalist Party (Humala) was recently granted permission by both courts to leave the country to attend the Presidential inaugurations of President’s Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), in addition to recent trips to Mexico and Cuba. And each time, he fulfilled every stipulation that the courts required of him," read an official press note released by the Peruvian Nationalist Party.

Just yesterday, Chilean authorities expressed their worries about the protests that may spill over onto Chilean territory.

"I would like to suggest to Chile’s Interior Minister to take something to calm his nerves because I see that he has become somewhat nervous about the protests," stated Humala.

According to the Nationalists, the protest, which is in response to the ‘laid back’ position that Peruvian authorities have demonstrated when dealing with the subject of the maritime limits, will go on as planned ‘with or without’ their leader.

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