Lima, Peru: Half of Lima’s residents unsatisfied with democracy

According to a recent poll, half of Lima residents are ‘unsatisfied’ with democracy.
© Andina

(LIP-jl) — According to a study from the Catholic University’s Public Opinion Institute, more than half of the residents from the Peruvian capital are ‘unsatisfied’ or ‘very unsatisfied’ with the way democracy has been functioning in Peru.

Participants categorizing Peru’s developing democratic system as unsatisfactory and very unsatisfactory reached 53% according to the pollster.

The survey, which sampled opinions from 27 Limean districts between March 30 and April 1, also found that while more than half were dissatisfied with the current political engine, 62% stated they preferred it over any other type of political system.

Surprisingly, 17% of those surveyed indicated that a dictatorship is preferable in some instances.

63% stated Peru’s current political situation as ‘mediocre’, 16% labeled it as ‘bad’, and 13% believe it is ‘good.’

In reference to Peru’s economy, 49% revealed that increased participation by the Peruvian government would promote further development while 41% believed the opposite, preferring private business promotion as means of development.