Peru: District continues its fight against alcohol and prostitution

Plan Zanahoria will now target night and dance clubs in the Limean district.
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(LIP-jl) — More than 50 establishments were sanctioned during the first few months of La Victoria’s Plan Zanahoria, an ambitious plan that is designed to cut down crime rates in one of Lima’s most dangerous districts -La Victoria.

To help reduce crime rates, bars, mini-markets, and pubs within La Victoria district limits are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages after 11:00 p.m under Plan Zanahoria.

La Victoria Mayor Alberto Sanchez Aizcorbe informed that as of January, more than 50 of these establishments have been sanctioned with fines for breaking the new city ordinance. In the event of a repeat offense, Mayor Aizcorbe warned that repeat offenders will be sanctioned with closures.

Aizcorbe’s is now moving onto phase two of Plan Zanahoria: Dance clubs. The La Victoria official reminded all dance and night clubs owners in La Victoria that they are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages until 2:00 a.m.

Additionally, Aizcorbe informed that his administration will also step up efforts to close down the districts numerous clandestine brothels.

In an interview with Peru’s RPP Radio, the mayor manifested that over 50 brothels have been identified thanks to the support of the Peruvian National Police’s Green Squadron.

"We are currently conducting identification operations so that we can coordinate effective raids and closures of these illegal establishments. By doing this, we will be able to reduce a large percentage of the district’s prostitution problem," sustained Aizcorbe.