Peru: Authorities close 26 restaurants in downtown Lima


(LIP-jl) — According to Peru’s Andina News Agency, 26 restaurants have been shutdown so far this year for not meeting the minimum hygiene and food safety standards. Among the restaurants closed were the popular ‘pollerias’ (roasted chicken eateries) and chifas (Peruvian infused Chinese food restaurants) located near Lima’s central market.

Lima’s Communal Fiscal and Control Chief Jose Fernandez informed that 54 health and food safety operations have been conducted this year, with a total of 72 restaurants being cited for not complying with health and food safety codes.

Fernandez indicated that out of the 72 cited restaurants, 24 were sanctioned with temporary closures while two were ordered to close their operations forever.

Most of the operations were conducted on Jirones Puno, Cusco, Ucayali, Miro Quesada, Rufino Torrico, as well as Mesa Redonda, Jiron de La Union, and the popular Chinatown strip of Calle Capon.

Among the most common violations found during the operations were; the lack of hygiene and cleanliness in kitchens and restrooms, poor refrigeration and food handling methods, as well as the poor state of kitchen utensils and equipment.

"We found filthy bathrooms, dirty table clothes that were reused, rusted cookware and utensils, and in some cases, no refrigerators," reported Fernandez.

The Fiscal and Control Chief added: "The closures were based on sanitary violations as these types of infractions pose the greatest health risks to the general pubic. The others were cited for safety code violations."

Fernandez called on the general public to report any type of health and safety violations that are committed to municipal officials so that these places can be properly dealt with.

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