Lima, Peru: Authorities bust gang that kidnapped Miraflores night club patrons

Having fun at Miraflores night clubs turned to into horrific experiences for some party seekers.

(LIP-jl) — Authorities from the Peruvian National Police’s Robbery Division caught three members of a dangerous gang who drugged, kidnapped and robbed party seekers who visited night clubs in the Limean district of Miraflores.

The gang, known as "Giche and the digitals from the south" performed their crimes in association with taxi drivers who frequently waited outside of establishments such as "Casa Vieja", "Carza", "Producto Peruano", and "Downtown" among others.

Robbery detectives, along with members from Peru’s elite Black Eagles Special Unit (Águilas Negras) performed intelligence operations after numerous victims were found abandoned in area parks and street corners. The victims were temporarily subdued by chemical substances and taken to Bank ATMs to withdraw all of their money.

According to law enforcement authorities, the crimes were usually committed between the early morning hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am.

"Many of the victims who were found abandoned in parks had one thing in common -the last thing they remembered was heading out of nightclubs," declared Robbery Division Chief Ecusebio Felix Murga.

After establishing the method of operations used by the suspects, authorities went on the hunt and successfully brought down Carlos Rizal Arias Quiñones (35) -alias "Guiche" and Jefferson Luis Conde Corzp (24). After apprehending the suspects, authorities found another victim -27 year-old Jesus Santa Maria Peralta unconscious in the back seat of the detained vehicle.

After interrogating Rizal and Conde, authorities arrested Critian Angel Gutierrez Saravia (33) -alias "Guajaja" for his role in numerous kidnappings and robberies.

If you frequent nightclubs in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area, authorities recommend using only trusted taxi services and always stay with a group of friends.

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