First Peru now Chile: Hugo Chavez makes nice with Chile’s Bachelet

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez
© United Nations

(LIP-jl) — Outspoken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was back on the PR trail after his latest comments caused a negative reaction from Chilean President Michele Bachelet’s administration.

The whole thing began when Chavez announced the closure of Venezuela’s state-run television network, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV). For reasons unknown to Chavez, Chile’s Senate filed a complaint against the Venezuelan leader’s announced closure with the Organization of American States (OAE).

"Who does they (the Chilean Senate) think they are? Are they an imperialistic senate? Are they the ancient Roman senate? I would expect something like that from the United States, but the Chilean Senate? What does the Chilean Senate have to do with this?", blasted Chavez.

Rather then getting a response from the Chilean parliamentary body, Chavez received a note from Bachelet’s administration.

Chavez quickly responded by stating the comments were not directed at the Chilean government, but rather at the Chilean Senate.

"Madam President and friend, I lament that my declarations have created some difficulties as your Chancellor has reported. I apologize, but at the same time I must say that Venezuela is Venezuela and Chavez is Chavez. I am obligated to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty," commented Chavez.

According to Chavez, the Chilean ‘Right’ is behind this latest incident and he insists they are trying to sabotage the relationship between both nations.

Just a few months ago, Chavez made up with Peruvian President Alan Garcia after the Venezuelan leader called Garcia "a shameless thief" during Peru’s last presidential election. It was often speculated that Chavez provided financial support to Garcia’s opponent Ollanta Humala (now the leader of Peru’s opposition party).

Since then, the two leaders have made amends and have publicly called each other ‘dear friends’ at various regional summits since Garcia took office last year.

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