Back to Peru? Fujimori case to wrap up in May

Will Fujimori be heading back to Peru soon?

(LIP-jl) — According to Chile’s El Mercurio newspaper, former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s extradition case should wrap up sometime in May.

Monica Maldonado, Chilean Supreme Court Attorney, indicated that her report and recommendation on the extradition case against the former Peruvian leader will be delivered to the presiding Chilean Supreme Court Justice Orlando Alvarez, by April 23 at the latest.

As part of the Chilean extradition process, Maldonado will officially inform Jude Alvarez on whether or not Fujimori should be extradited back to Peru after she and her legal team analyze all the evidence submitted by Peru and Fujimori’s defense team.

Although her report is important in possibly swaying the case, Judge Alvarez can choose not to use her recommendation and follow through with his own verdict.

However, sources from El Mercurio claim she will not be able to review all of the evidence because there not enough time to thoroughly review the 13 volumes of evidence and arguments submitted by both parties.

According to the Chilean judicial system, Judge Alvarez must make his decision 5 days after Maldonado has submitted her report.

Meanwhile, Peruvian authorities have advised their Chilean counterparts about increased communication between Fujimori and Japanese political contacts.

Peru believes that if Fujimori is extradited to Peru to face 10 corruption charges and 2 human rights violations, he will exile himself into the Japanese Embassy in Santiago, just minutes away from where the former leader currently lives.

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