Peru’s Prime Minister blames ex-Pres. Toledo for FTA delays

Peru's former President Alejandro Toledo(LIP-jl) — After being on the defensive side of the political arena last week for his role in appointing an ex-Fujimori strongman to a governmental position, Peruvian Prime Minister Jorge Del Castillo was back on the political offensive today blaming former President Alejandro Toledo for the current delays in the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) ratification process.

"The fact that disagreements with labor clauses in the FTA have delayed and prevented its ratification is due to ex-President Toledo’s false promises to the United States he knew he could not keep," manifested Del Castillo.

According to Del Castillo, Toledo committed himself to United States representatives by agreeing to labor clauses and stipulations that were never implemented by the Andean nation’s Labor Ministry.

Nonetheless, the Peruvian Prime Minister did not reject the idea of some form of collaboration by the former president to help sway the U.S. Congress to ratify the agreement.

The FTA between the United States and Peru is currently at a stand still as U.S. politicians debate over labor, social and environmental issues.

In addition to Peru, Colombia and Panama are currently working on their own FTAs with the United States.

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