Peruvian mining exports increased 19.5% in February

Antamina’s Concentrator plant located in the Andean department of Ancash.
© Antamina

(LIP-jl) — More proof of Peru’s growing economy was released yesterday as Peruvian mining exports, which account for 56.2% of the Andean nation’s total exports, experienced a significant gain during the month of February.

According to a report released by Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) Peru’s February mining exports increased by 19.5% compared to the same period registered in 2006.

MEM’s February report says Peru’s mining exports obtained a value of US$1.96 billion, thanks in large part to the commercialization of 141,266 metric tons of copper -reported to be worth more than US$700 million.

In terms of total export value, gold was listed as second as 834,134 ounces (worth more than US$539 million) were exported, while zinc, with exports reaching 150,529 metric tons (US$318 million), came in third.

Rounding out the list are: lead (US$128.7 million), refined silver (US$90.2 million), molybdenum (US$89 million), tin (US$38.7 million), and iron (US$37.2 million).

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