Lima, Peru: Survey sheds light on reading habits

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(LIP-jl) — According to a recent poll released by Peru’s Pontifical Catholic University most residents in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area get their information from daily newspapers and the Internet.

In general, participants agreed that reading everyday is one of the best methods to enhance personal development.

36% of the respondents said they read a newspaper everyday, while 15% get their information via the internet.

Additionally, 11% stated they read the Holy Bible daily and 10% said they read books, mostly self-help and motivational, on a daily basis.

In reference to reasons residents from the Peruvian capital read, 33% indicate they do so for personal development, while 18% stated cultural enrichment, and 16% responded entertainment.

As for pirated reading material, 38% responded they have purchased a pirated book recently.

Meanwhile, Internet use in Peru is dedicated to mostly research as 84% of the respondents who use the internet said they do so for investigative purposes.