Peru’s Fujimori plans to escape, says Chilean newspaper

Peru’s Fujimori may be soon back on a plane to Japan.
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(LIP-jl) — According to a report from Chile’s La Nacion newspaper, former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is planning to exile himself in the Japanese Embassy in Santiago in order to evade possible extradition to Peru if Chile’s Supreme Court rules against him.

Fujimori, who is wanted on corruption charges and human rights violation committed while he was in power from 1990-2000, currently lives in an apartment building just minutes away from the Japanese Embassy.

"A high government source who has been monitoring Fujimori’s movements recommends that if Fujimori loses the extradition case, the judge should place him under house arrest until the extradition occurs. For the time being, there is nothing stopping him from entering the Japanese Embassy located at Lyon 520, Providencia (in Santiago) and exiling himself," read the article in the Chilean daily.

The article also claims that a source from the Chilean Chancellor’s Office indicated that Chile and Peru would be better off if the former president were to return to Japan.

La Nacion also alleges Peru’s ruling political party -APRA "has considered various alternatives to prevent Fujimori from arriving in Lima, even pleeing with Chilean judicial authorities to give the former leader a 5 minute head start (time Fujimori lives away from the Japanese Embassy)."

According to the Chilean media, Fujimori’s extradition case is expected to wrap up sometime between May and June.

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