Peru says FTA with U.S. may be approved next week

Peru’s official Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism representative in Washington D.C., David Lemor.

(LIP-jl) — A representative from Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism declared that United States Democrats and Republicans may come to an agreement on labor and environmental clauses that have impeded the ratification of the U.S.- Peru Free Trade Agreement as early as next week.

David Lemor, the official representative of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism in the United States, says that Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s recent trip to the U.S. was ‘positive’ and it ‘permitted Peru to reiterate its position.’

Lemor added that if officials from both U.S. political parties can come to an agreement on Peru’s enforcement, of international labor laws and environmental standards during next week’s meeting, then an approval will soon likely follow.

"We are optimistic that in the following days or even next week, there will be a solution to the debated issues between Democrats and Republicans, which will result in a rapid approval," declared Lemur to Peru’s RPP Radio.

Meanwhile the Foreign Trade representative qualified Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s trip to Washington D.C. as a ‘success’ as assured U.S. officials of Peru’s good intentions to allow certain amendments to the debated issues.

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