Lima, Peru: Closure of gay nightclub looks to be permanent

Miraflores(LIP-jl) — The district of Miraflores is well known for its tourist attractions, restaurants, and excellent nightlife, regardless of sexual preferences. Last week, one of the most established gay nightclubs in the Peruvian capital city, Downtown, was shutdown by Miraflores municipal authorities who cited resident complaints of noise and ‘immoral’ conduct for the closure.

Peru’s Consumers and Users Association (Asociación Peruana de Consumidores y Usuarios -ASPEC) has backed the municipal government’s decision to close the nightclub for good.

APEC President Jaime Delgado reiterated his organization’s support of the closure and sustained that although Lima’s homosexual community has the right to congregate and have fun, pubic interest and the well being of Miraflores residents should take precedence.

"ASPEC discourages discrimination inflicted on consumers based on race, sexual orientation, or economic conditions. However, in the case of the Miraflores nightclub, it has been proven that public order has been compromised by the club, therefore authorities have the right to impose the measures they see fit," said Delgado.

Meanwhile Lima’s gay community has expressed its outrage over Miraflores Mayor Manuel Masias’s decision to target the homosexual nightclub and accused authorities of discrimination.

Despite the protests, the mayor insists that the well being of his constituents is driving force behind the closure.

The mayor also informed that the mainly heterosexual establishments of Phuket and the Vaca Voladora were also closed during the same time Dowtown was closed.