Peru: Gay rights activists fight to reopen nightclub

(LIP-jl) — The gay rights activist group Homosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL in Spanish), has expressed its discontent over the closure of the gay nightclub Downtown, located in the Limean district of Miraflores. The group vowed to take the matter to Peruvian courts.

Miraflores municipal authorities shutdown the mainly homosexual nightclub citing resident complaints of noise and ‘immoral’ conduct.

MHOL will file a complaint with Peru’s Judiciary and take part in the civil rights case, while the night club’s owners will handle the administrative aspect of the case.

"Our organization is reviewing Downtown’s case because we have personally seen that the club is in compliance with municipal codes and laws. Their was definitely homosexual discrimination here and that goes against our constitutional rights," said MHOL legal spokesman Alonso inga Zevallos.

The group has also scheduled a march to help create awareness over the matter that has caused an uproar among Lima’s gay community.

Despite MHOL’s evident anger over the closure of Downtown, also known as "Vale Todo"(according to Peru 21), an MHOL spokesperson indicated they have no issues with the closures of two other gay night clubs in Miraflores as they were proven to have been in violation of several city ordinances and laws.

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