Lima, Peru: Citizens form human chain to protest beach contamination

Runoff from trash piled on the shore have caused brown foam to appear on the ocean’s surface.

(LIP-jl) — Led by district Mayor Salvador Heresi, residents from the bustling district of San Miguel are uniting their efforts to send a strong message against ocean contamination.

According to Peru’s La Republica newspaper, some 10,000 residents will form a human chain near the district’s shore where piles of trash are dumped daily by the trash collecting company Colector Costanero.

"This is will be a civil manifestation without any violence or disruption to drivers who commute along Costanera Avenue," affirmed the district’s mayor.

The mayor said the protest is designed to bring awareness to problems that are caused by the piles of trash that are left by the trash collecting company.

Foul odors, fly infestations, and runoff that is carried into the sea present obvious health hazards to those that attempt to travel through the area.

Additionally, municipal authorities expressed their anger over the additional revenue that is lost due to the fact that companies are not willing to invest in beach front contructions in San Miguel.

"No one is going to invest in beach front property as long as the trash and disgusting odors are there. We want authorities to design a plan that calls for the immediate removal and transfer of the company that is contaminating the entire Limean coastline," added Heresi.