Peru’s prosecution calls ex-Pres. Fujimori a ‘hypocrite’

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori
© Reuters

(LIP-jl) — Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s comments made during an interview with Reuters earlier this week have caused the Peruvian prosecution team in charge of the extradition case against him, to label him as a hypocrite.

Amid growing rumors that the former president is planning to seek political asylum at the Japanese Embassy in Santiago, Fujimori told Reuters he was not even aware of the physical location of the embassy and said these allegations were unfounded.

"That would be like thinking I had crossed the entire Pacific Ocean to get to Chile simply to say that I was going to return to Japan. It’s not logical, and I’m always driven by logic," Fujimori said.

Peruvian legal authorities did not find his remarks amusing and claimed he possesses a manual on several escape methods.

"The comments made by Fujimori demonstrate complete hypocrisy. It is more than obvious that he is well aware of the embassy’s location since he moved to an apartment just blocks away from it. If he decides to do so, he can enter the embassy anytime he wishes, as long as he is granted permission by Japanese authorities," said Omar Chehade, Chief of Peru’s Extradition Unit from the National Prosecutor’s Department.

Chehade added: "I don’t believe a word he has said. While his extradition is becoming increasingly eminent, the stronger the possibility is that he will seek refuge at the Japanese Embassy. We are using all our diplomatic means to prevent this from happening."

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