Pixman extends its international network to Peru

(Official press release)

Pursuing its quest to build an international network of nomadic media partners on all continents, Pixman Nomadic Media Inc., through its subsidiary, Pixman Corporation, has recently signed license agreements with partners in Vietnam, Cameroon, Nigeria, Turkey and Peru.

Partner training took place between February and April, in Vietnam, Cameroon and Nigeria, and shall be accomplished in Turkey and Peru in the month of May. In its licensing business model, Pixman receives a monthly fee per unit for Pixman® equipment, license rights and technical support services, in addition to a percentage of revenues generated each quarter. More information on each specific partner can be found on Pixman’s website (www.pixman.com) in the World Partners section. A newsletter with links to pictures taken during the initial executions in those countries is also available via the Newsletter section of the website.

Finally, the company is happy to announce that its Dubai partner, One Connection Media, has signed a new agreement to maintain its rights over the United Arab Emirates territory for an additional 18 months. That agreement also provides temporary rights over Qatar, Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pending the achievement of performance objectives by One Connection Media in those countries.

"By enabling and training partners in multiple countries, Pixman is building the foundation of a nomadic media network that has the capacity to create and execute multi-country campaigns for international brands," says Guy Labelle, President of Pixman Nomadic Media. "Such a network can adapt to local flavors while simplifying the planning and execution of field marketing activities."

About Pixman Nomadic Media Inc.

Pixman Nomadic Media Inc. is a Montreal-based multimedia promotions company. The foundation of Pixman’s business, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pixman Corporation, is the Pixman® patented wearable multi-media system with a visual display worn by brand ambassadors. The Pixman® represents an innovative way to promote brands, companies, products and services. Pixman provides turn-key media services throughout North America and licenses the technology to partners representing over 30 countries around the world.


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