U.S. Democrats won’t budge on FTA with Peru

Rangel (left) with U.S. President Bush.
© U.S. White House
(LIP-jl) — According to Peru’s La Republica newspaper, the majority of United States Democratic congressmen/women elected this past November are attempting to persuade high ranking Democrat officials to abandon the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement.

Although important Democratic leaders are in constant communication with U.S. President George W. Bush’s administration -which seeks Democratic support in ratifying the FTAs with Peru, Colombia, and Panama- not all members from the party are in agreement of ratifying the current version of the FTAs.

According to La Republica, 42 of the newly elected congressmen and women have sent Charles Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, a letter in which they asked the veteran congressman from New York to put an end to the conversations with the Bush administration.

The letter stated that the free trade agreements are "unfair" in nature and demanded an immediate end to the ratification talks.

Meanwhile, an article published in yesterday’s New York Times says that conversations between Rangel and the Bush administration have intensified recently, adding credibility to Rangel’s desire to build a bipartisan trade plan.

According to the article, Rangel is committed to the FTAs as they will help increase international labor and environmental standards in the world.