Lima, Peru: Survey reveals Mother’s Day gift tendencies

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(LIP-jl) — Take a walk through any commercial area in Lima and you will notice an abundance of Mother’s Day advertisements and pushy crowds scurrying around to find the perfect gift for their mother. What to get mom? What does the woman who sacrifices so much for her family deserve to get on this special day? A recent survey administered in Lima, Peru sheds light on what Limeans are planning on getting ‘mama‘ for Mother’s Day.

The survey, conducted in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area by the University of Lima’s Public Opinion Group, revealed that 90.2% percent of those surveyed -and whose mothers were still alive- planned on getting something, no matter how small or expensive, for their mothers.

The survey also revealed that despite being only a few days away, the majority of those surveyed have yet to purchase something for their mothers, which will surely lead to packed stores and shopping centers all the way up to Sunday.

The following is the list of items those surveyed purchased, or plan to purchase, for the mothers: clothes – 30%, home appliances – 14.7%, flowers – 8.4%, perfumes – 4.6%, nice lunch/dinner – 4.1%, don’t know/no comment – 19.9%, and ‘others’ – 13.9%.