Peru: Panoro Minerals LTD. lists on Lima’s Stock Exchange (BVL)

(Official press release)

Panoro Minerals Ltd., (the "Company") is pleased to announce that in a News Conference held today at the Lima Stock Exchange it was announced that the shares of Panoro Minerals Ltd. will be listed for trading on the Junior Board of the Bolsa de Valores de Lima S.A. (BVL), the Lima Stock Exchange under the Symbol PML commencing with the opening of trading on May 15, 2007. The Company is the fourth Canadian junior mining company to become listed for trading on the BVL.

The Company is pleased that this will give investors in Peru the convenience of directly participating and investing in the Company that has its entire portfolio of projects and its focus in Peru. The impending acquisition of all the outstanding shares of Cordillera de las Minas (see News Releases of March2, March 14 and May 14) will provide all shareholders with the opportunity of participating in the growth and success of Panoro. The Company is looking forward to establishing a significant shareholder base in Peru that would provide it with a true local partnership.

Additional Information provided by the Bolsa de Valores de Lima

This event is important to the BVL as Panoro Minerals listed is shares just three months after fellow Canadian based junior mine Candente Resources listed its shares on the BVL. According to the BVL, this indicates that there is a growing interest in listing on Peru’s BVL.

Panoro Minerals is currently listed on Canada’s Venture Exchange (PML) and Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange (PZM). The company will trade in Peru as PML.

As a reference, the quoted price on the Canadian Venture Exchange on May 11 was US$0.70, up from the January 3rd listed price of US$0.19.

Panoro’s economic activities concentrate on the acquisition, exploration, and development of mining projects aimed at locating and exploiting gold and copper mineral deposits.

Note: A junior mine is company that is in the preliminary stages of development and/or exploration, which has not reached the phase of production. In order to trade on the BVL, junior mines must comply with specific requirements.